♥ Tack ♥

I try to fly away but it's impossible.
And every breath I take gives birth to deeper sighs.
And for a moment I am weak,
So it's hard for me to speak.
Even though we're underneath the same blue sky.

If I could paint a picture of this melody
It would be a violin without its strings.
And the canvas in my mind,
Sings the songs I left behind.
Like pretty flowers and a sunset.

I've had my share of pleasure,
And I've tasted pain.
I never thought that I would touch an angel's wings.
There's a journey in my eyes,
It's getting hard for me to hide.
Like the ocean at the sunrise.

It's heavy on my heart.
I can't make it alone.
Heavy on my heart.
I can't find my way home.
Heavy on my heart.
So come and free me.
It's so heavy on my heart.