Nån slags verklighet..

Nyss haft mysig tacokväll med Sofie. MYS! =) Haft underbart stöd av dig idag vännen. Satt o lyssnade igenom min musik idag. Hittade en bra låt jag inte tror jag hört innan. Inte min typ av musik egentligen, men jag fastnade för den här.

Cheap thrills and messing around .
You've been busy letting her down.
Put on a show.
Never tried to tell the truth?
You had it all.
You threw it away.
How could you know there would be a day,
when she'd give up and turn her back on you.

Now she's saying that it's time to move on.
Before you know it she will be gone.
You better hurry,
better try to make things right.
It's about time that you realize,
she wont see the tears in your eyes.
No, she ain't gonna know about the way you miss her now.
Boy, you better run.
And tell her that this story has just begun.
Tell her that no matter what you've done,
she is still the only one.
Oh, boy you better run.
Cause' she's gonna run from you.